10 Ways Architects Are Reimagining Home Design

10 Ways Architects Are Reimagining Home Design

The 9th Annual A+Awards are officially underway, with an Early Bird Deadline of January 29th, 2021. If you have a project that deserves its time in the global spotlight, now is the time to enter it for global recognition!

Thanks to its cross-disciplinary jury and online public voting system, the A+Awards program gives every firm an equal opportunity to gain recognition, regardless of their size, location, or current standing in the industry.

Housing has been one of the most prominently discussed architectural type of 2020. Most of us have spent more time at home than ever before; we’ve seen unprecedented glimpses inside of colleagues’ apartments over video chat and dreamed up staycations in our backyards. It’s safe to say that the art of dwelling has a renewed cultural importance.

From multi-unit residences to private homes, this collection highlights ten different ways architects are reimagining longstanding housing typologies. As you consider which of your projects to enter in the 9th Annual A+Awards, be inspired by these ten remarkable residential designs, which draw on historical precedent to provide new answers to the age-old question: what makes a house a home?