Are These the World’s Most Beautiful Mobile Homes?

In the last decade, the micro living trend has become well established. As the cost of living and rents in cities across the world continue to rise, residents have been seeking alternative, lower cost types of residences that defy our expectations.

One residential trend that continues to rise forgoes the traditional permanent structure in favor of compact mobile spaces. Unlike conventional mobile homes — those with a design and specification to make architects wince — Andrew and Gabriella Morrison’s innovative hOMe features an interior that looks more like a Manhattan loft than a house on wheels.

mobile homes

At a mere 221-square-feet, the mobile residence accommodates a fully-equipped kitchen, bathroom and bedroom loft, as well as a staircase that doubles as a storage space. Clean aesthetics, bold black lines and modern amenities make hOMe an attractive alternative to permanent structures, as you have the option to take the plywood-clad structure on the road.

The Morrison’s transportable house inspired us to take a look at other architects who are rethinking mobile structures with bold designs that won’t keep you tied down. Read through to see them all: